Newton's Telecom Dictionary
26th Updated and Expanded Edition

Amazon's top Reader Award -- 5 Stars

Amazon awarded this 1,311-page dictionary 5 stars out of a possible 5. That's about as high as it gets. Newton's Telecom Dictionary, now in its 26th updated and expanded edition, has historically been one of Amazon's biggest-selling computer, telecom and Internet books. For many weeks it was Amazon's top-selling computer and telecom book. One week it was even Amazon's eighth best-selling book of all the millions Amazon sells.

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28 pages of Harry Newton's best personal tips on how to save on telecom, PC, travel and Internet expenses. There are enough money-saving tips here to save the cost of buying this dictionary many times over.

"I love telecom. Where should I work?" An analysis of where today's jobs are.

Harry Newton has 39 years studying, writing, lecturing and investing in telecommunications and information technologies. He founded key telecom magazines -- LAN, Teleconnect, Call Center, Computer Telephony and Technology Investor magazines. He also founded the enormously successful trade shows, Computer Telephony Conference and Exposition (CT Expo) and Call Center Demo. Newton has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an Economics degree from the University of Sydney, Australia. He wrote this dictionary to teach himself his first loves -- telecom and technology. He is not an engineer. He wrote this dictionary in non-technical business language. He believes (perhaps naively) that anyone in business should be able to understand complex technical terms, even if they're not an engineer. Some of his definitions are short. Some are long. His goal is explain what the technology means, what it does, what its benefits are and what its pitfalls are. Most dictionaries are updated every ten years. Not this one. Newton updates this dictionary every day and issues a new edition every year. The 26th edition is current as of June, 2011. Go back